Music Depression “Leelo” could develop into a Grammy Winner

by Sep 30, 2022News

Leelo (Photo courtesy of Leelo)

The Caribbean is still in the hurricane season and hurricanes are known to cause a lot of destruction to get attention.

In terms of music, there were a number of lyrical hurricanes in the ’90s – all developing in Jamaica.

The three B’s – Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man were dominant.

In 2022, a lyrical tropical depression is formed and musicologists, among others, are keeping a close eye on it. In fact, the media landscape is warning people who know much about good music to watch out for him.

For those who don’t listen to forecast, he’s Jahleel “Leelo” Myrie. What a name to have, but trust me, he is threatening; his father,

Buju Banton is a lyrical category 4, oops I meant category 5 hurricane. Radio Jamaica, also known as RJR 94.FM, formerly Real Jamaica Radio, is already quick on tracking Leelo.

Less than a month ago, Camille Williams, producer of “Beyond the Headlines” featured him. And, he was as solid as a rock. Then, Bridge 99 FM caught up with him as well. He is also kicking up some storm in several European countries, while in the US one of the central album producers, Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins, had much to say about his music.

Leelo (Photo courtesy of Leelo Photos)

“Leelo’s “Heart and Soul” touches the heart. It’s a big tune. You hear every beat from the heart. The song is so deep one cannot help not remembering the music without the singer. “He (Leelo) is certainly compose in his delivery. The music is like waking up to a breath of fresh air which has a dew-like scent. A great production.”

Hudgins adds that “although the Buju sound is not pronounced, Leelo has a unique sound that will have a great impact on the international scene.”

Female deejay Macka Diamond favoured “Melanin” which speaks about his (Leelo) love for black beautiful women. “Is a young Buju that. Is a force that in the music industry. Watch out for young Buju.”

Meanwhile, a fashionista from the US, Jenelle “A’Legends” Thompson says “It is quite clear Leelo has a great image. How he dresses seems to stand out from the crowd. He comes across jovial and a humble person. His looks is one that if he is a mile away one definitely has to stare at him. His looks will definitely compliment his songs. I love “Melanin” because it refers to our skin colour that we should love.”

Leelo, given name Jahleel Myrie, is the son of international reggae superstar Buju Banton. His mother is said to be a “pretty” former flight attendant with the defunct Air Jamaica Airways.

He was educated at two top schools – St.George’s College and Jamaica College, and has 8 CXC passes, including grade 1 in English.

He began to learn how to make riddims having made links with Projexx a grandson of King Jammys.

“We were both school-mates at Jamaica College and began with our laptops using an installed Mac programme.”

Leelo is currently promoting “Melanin”, released July, 2022. The 23-year-old has two songs – “Heart and Soul” describes the passion he has for music; the other is “Melanin”.

He assures Jamaicans that he will be doing dancehall songs minus violence.

There is another depression lurking around by the name of Jahzeil. There might be no rush for Leelo to develop into a tropical storm overnight.

Tropical depression Jahzeil is the brother of Jahleel who has been strengthening for some time now.

According to history, night hurricanes are to be most feared and devastating. Let’s hope Leelo does not develop overnight. We could have another Grammy winner in the making.

(Photos courtesy of Leelo Photos)


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