Jahazeil: All I Want for XMAS is a Hit Song

by Oct 7, 2022News

Jahazeil (Photo courtesy of Jahazeil)
Christmas is some 11 weeks away and already Jahazeil Myrie is thinking about what Santa could be stocking up for him this Christmas.

It will definitely not be a BMX bicycle with those silver-looking fenders which cast a spell on everyone, whenever he rides along his avenue in Havendale, Kingston. And, if you are thinking about fashion over style, it will not be a pair of jet-black desert Clarks that becomes a trendsetter whenever he goes to the recording studio.

Jahazeil’s dream is to get a number one song that will last for many, many years.

“Yes, that would be so great. A number one song would allow more people to appreciate Jahazeil. Jamaica knows Jahazeil because of my positive music. When I sing about “Hold On” and “Keep Strong” these are songs of inspiration for everyone experiencing difficult times.”

But, Jamaicans seem to need something more from Jahazeil and I cannot blame them; freedom of expression is part of our democracy.
“They keep talking about my dad (Buju Banton) and how much they would have loved to hear a real dancehall song from me.”

Record producer Delly Ranx seems to agree with them.
“Jahazeil is a good artiste, but I think Jamaicans are waiting for something which has a strong dancehall flavour. I have plans to give him that special song which will allow him to start his international journey.”

And, how soon will that be, if one should ask?
“Not very far off. It could be this year, or sometime next year,” he adds.

We have gone three quarters through the year. Many people have started preparing for Christmas. Last year, several persons were caught unaware as they had not completed most of what they wanted to do.

Jahazeil believes the year, so far, has been a promising one.
“I have been on almost every platform in terms of promotion. It is now entirely up to Jahazeil to work for this great Christmas gift – a number one song for real.”

Jahazeil attended Liberty Academy releasing his first song “No More” produced by his sibling Markus on the Markus Production imprint. Other songs include, “Left to Right,” “Keep Strong,” and “At My Door” feat. Spragga Benz.

(Photo courtesy of Jahazeil)





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