Producer Garton Francis celebrates Jah Thunder’s “Too Much” single

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Producer Garton Francis

Music producer, Garton Francis and Omar “Jah Thunder” Bolt – cousin to The Fireman Capleton, have been celebrating from last Friday, October 14, 2022. This was the release date of Jah Thunder’s music appetizer – a song titled, “Too Much.” This can be found on all major digital platforms on Garton’s owned Jah Meds International Hi Power imprint.

Talk to Garton – a Rastafarian of immense knowledge – about not just reggae, but music in general. He is able to tell you from the emergence of reggae music to its cross-over into the European market.

In fact, Garton, believes “Too Much” of anything is not good for us including pleasure and money.

“I didn’t just come up with the song’s title because I was searching for words. This should have meaning – not only for reggae lovers, but for the world. I am looking at the topic from a spiritual and scientific stand-point.”

“Doctors will warn that excessiveness can lead to serious repercussions. while economists believe inequality will lead to alienation. The only thing excessive we should have is the Almighty( referring to God). So, this is a song which allows listeners to reflect on their lives and to see what changes they can make.”

Garton, a senior enlisted non-commission officer in the US for some 30 years, says he has always loved music, so it isn’t surprising destiny has played out in the end.

Born in Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew, he now lives in Palm Beach, USA. The Oberlin High School (class 88) graduate achieved top grades in Auto Mechanics.

“I got my early influence in music from my mother, evangelist Myrtle Maude Francis-Jackson (now deceased). Her angelic voice could draw any sinner to the altar. My mom really inspired me to not only go to church but to sing.”

But, Garton loved music so much, he found himself listening to Kilamanjaro sound system. This, he had to hide from his mom as they had nothing to do with sacred music.

She migrated to the Bronx US in 1983 and Garton joined her – in a matter of five years(1989).

“I joined the army, September 11, 1990, but music seemed to be my calling and now I am fully in gear to steer my way to my first major project – a full-fledged album with artistes, including Capleton and Leroy Smart.”

Jah Thunder, born in Cassia Park, Kingston, grew up between that community and Papine.

“I was influenced by my cousin Capleton and other artistes, including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jacob Miller,” he recalled.

His first release, “Bada Bada”, was on the African Star label. He has recorded over 50 songs, including “Play With Fire,” “Mosquito”( Secret Rival Music Records label), and “Upload” (BL Tha Hook Slaya label).

(Photo courtesy of Garton Francis)

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