Deejay Shaka Pow: Challenges In Life

by Nov 27, 2022News

Shaka Pow:  Unconditional Love

Fourth of a six part series.

Anyone who believes in the Holy Bible should agree that this world is more than a bed of roses.
For, along our journey of life, there are many trials and tribulations, as there are happiness and joys.

According to deejay Shaka Pow, “my greatest challenge is to stay motivated when everyone around me is carried away in the wrong direction.”

“That’s why it is important to stay around people who are positive.”

“Positive people rather see the bottle as half filled than half empty. These are the innovators in society who sometimes own multi-million dollar assets around the world; they do not complain about everything; they stimulate productivity and find solutions to problems.”

“There are challenges in relationships and one of the things we need to demonstrate is FORGIVENESS. We must understand that no one is perfect and that we ourselves can falter at anytime.”

“Do not exercise an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth as a solution to end conflicts. This is one of the reasons I have released a song titled, “Hold A Strength.”

Hold A Strength

A few lines of the song are as follows:
Every ghetto yout fi hold a strength
Believe in a yuself and hold a medz(meditation)
Every ghetto yout yu ave yu strength
Believe in a u self
When you kill a youth Yuh nuh know a who yu kill
That’s why Outfytt a seh
Fi stop di senseless killing
Stop the raping, stop di robbing
Stop the idiot living
Could a kill Usain or Shelly
That woulda be a idiot thing.

The ‘Fully Bright’ artiste feels one of the biggest challenges in life is exercising love in a relationship.

“One needs to forgive others because we all make mistakes. So, in our relationship, we must be prepared for others to falter. We must be ready to sit and discuss our problems so that our conflicts will end. We must never believe in mediocrity, but strive for excellence at all times.”

Coming soon: “Deejay Shaka Pow and His Children.” Only on the Reggae-Vibes site.

(Photos courtesy of Garth McDonald aka Shaka Pow)

Stop The Killing