Deejay Shaka Pow: Unconditional Love

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Shaka Pow:  Unconditional Love

Second of a six part series.

Deejay Shaka Pow has voiced several love songs, but he now feels, this time around, he has the right fruits in the pudding.

“I can’t complain about “Unconditional”. It is trending to be a big hit. The song has garnered some 87,000 views in a matter of a month; was premiered on Blacker Top 20 charts. And, the whole beauty is that it is shown on Flow TV throughout the Caribbean. In addition, the song has entered at no.25 on Richie B’s The Jamaica Music Countdown Charts.”

The deejay, Dr. Garth McDonald, will be hosting Blacker Top 20 video countdown after top entertainer Christopher Martin.

“This is something I am looking forward to, and I am sure to give it my best shot.”

His excitement began to surge as he took me through the grand birth of “Unconditional.”

“Everyone, I think, knows that love is important in our lives. And, with the disunity in the world, we do need songs which promote good family live across the globe.”

He had always had a problem when anyone suggests Valentine’s Day as the ideal day for demonstrating love.

“Love has no boundaries or price tag and so it is with this song – “Unconditional”, I hope to express the infinite nature of love.”

“I got the riddim from producer and artiste Chris Thomas, The CEO. This riddim was made by Good Boy Elliot. He was born in Sierra Leone but now lives in Gambia which is a small West African country.”

“Richie Stephens, one of Jamaica’s best solo vocalists, has recorded “Be Happy” on the same riddim. I got the riddim sometime in March of this year.”

I began humming the chorus of the song, ‘if I love you one more time, I am going to lose my mind,’ and voiced note it to the producer who saw the magic and requested that I record it as quickly as possible.

However, what the deejay also knew was that the riddim had this Afrobeat flavour which is making great strides, not only in Africa but Europe.

“I thought the song – apart from spreading love – will pay homage to my African brothers and sisters through music.”

The song is produced by Chris Thomas The CEO and show promoter Junior Burton out of New York City.

Deejay Shaka Pow got together a music video that features a number of top models and dancers celebrating beauty and love.

“The director – Extreme Arts Concept – has made this masterpiece lively and colourful. It is a must- watched item.”

Artistes like Delly Ranx, Mr. G, Mr. Vegas, Richie Stephens, and top producer and artiste manager Banky, plus numerous disc jockeys have given the song and video great reviews.

The deejay adds that “Unconditional” is likely to demonstrate a rebirth of his career and once it happens will leave an indelible space for “Unconditional Love.”

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(Photos courtesy of Garth McDonald aka Shaka Pow)

Deejay Shaka Pow
Deejay Shaka Pow

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