Garton Francis: Fixing The Music

by Nov 29, 2022News

Garton Francis series part 6

Sixth in a seven part series.

Garton Francis, principal of Jah Meds International Hi-Power believes that Jamaica’s music industry needs a post-mortem. In addition, to finding the problems which will make it more people friendly, financially rewarding and preserving our culture.

According to Garton, “we need to clearly define, by origin and character, what goes out as music to the public.”

“This means clearly defining the characteristics of say, Trap Music, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Reggae.”

“Having done this, we create a blueprint of the associated beats, including Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, and Soul. Once this is identified, it will assist, not only the radio managers who will have a more organised format in programming, but also producers would have been fully aware of their specific target audience and the most ideal media entity to advertise their product/products.”

“Some record producers would certainly need guidelines as to the quality of their product/products, hence the function of the Broadcasting Commission – the body which monitors and regulates whatever goes out to the public.”

“In addition, we need a commission to monitor licensing, distribution, and promotional aspects of the music.”

“Create a RX, RXX, RXXX, (degrees of explicit rating) or PG (Parental Guideline) for products including music videos. This will help the public to make choices, especially with the foul air swirling around social media.”

“Radio managers need to give more airplay to young talent as many are now frustrated with the system catering for those who are able to find the most cheddar (money).”

“The government needs to give free access to producers and distributors, so our music can be easily marketed locally and internationally.”

“Introduce more rewards – annually or bi-annualy – for industry players (producers, song writers, performers, ect). This will motivate those who are waiting to make up their minds, whether or not to take the music train.”

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