Optimus: Must Be Class

by Nov 30, 2022News

Optimus - Must Be Class

I get dozens of songs in any one week, some of which I can only listen to once, if time permits.

And, then there are others that makes me want to listen – sometimes ten or twenty times.

Well, I got a song “So Gone” about a week ago, and to tell you the truth it is not likely to ‘gone” out of my mind anytime soon.

The song is a combination with African Boyce, an artiste with an Afrobeat flavour, which is too rich to resist.

The song hits a high note with a theme surrounding relationships, so it’s relatable.

“The girl says she is too much for me
Be a man who is going
To fulfill her needs.
Excuse me if I am shy
But no other girl compares
With only you…”

One can hear every sound of the instrument which makes up this masterpiece, complemented by a music video.

The song featured on Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins’ “Certified Gold” album has sparked his comment.

“It’s a well-known fact Optimus has been doing good music for some time. This Virginian has a wealth of talent and he definitely shows up his talent in this song which will give him a lot of credit.”

“I have always wanted to have him on one of my platforms, and here he is on my album,”

Optimus born Brandon Smiley is from Portsmouth, Virginia, US. He attended Green Run High School.
His dad, Alvin Cox, is a professional basketball referee, but he got his inspiration from Geraldine Trappier, his mother.

“She is my number one fan and a big influence on my music. My history teacher kept telling everyone I have a gift for attracting everyone. It turns out to be my music.”

“I started rapping a bit and playing the piano. And, I would freestyle listening to riddims.”

Optimus recorded his first song as a tribute to his wedding anniversary. Optimus would be heading to Africa to beef up his promotion before year-end.

African Boyce