Pluto Shervington – Rhythm Of The City (Reissue)

by Nov 11, 2022News

Pluto Shervington - Rhythm Of The City


Arabusta Records, a a recently established record label from Milan, Italy, have reissued Pluto Shervington’s album Rhythm Of The City. The singer, whose career started in the mid 1960s as a member of bands like The Presidents, The Hurricanes, and Tomorrow’s Children, established a successful solo career. He climbed the charts, both in Jamaica and overseas, with songs such as I Man Bitter, Ram Goat Liver, Dat, Your Honour, and I Man Born Ya. He sold tens of thousands of copies with every album release. In 1977, due to political shifts in Jamaica, he moved to Miami, where he formed Pluto & Co, playing regularly for eighteen years at Sunday’s On The Bay in Key Biscayne, Florida.

In 1990, Pluto released an 8-track album titled Rhythm Of The City, which was produced by Geoffrey Chung and recorded at Music Mountain, Stony Hill, Jamaica, Earthman Studio and International Sound, Miami, FL. This isn’t a reggae album in its purest form but one that mixes reggae with funk, soul, and disco. At the time, Pluto himself described the music on the album as urban reggae folklore. The album – with songs such as “Comin’ Into The Future”, Full Moon Over Miami”, and “Local Scene”, and renditions of “Hello Carol”, “Have You Seen Her”, and “The Mighty Quinn” – is available as Limited Edition Orange Vinyl LP, Black Vinyl LP, CD, and digital download.

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