Spragga Benz: Sunsplash and Sting Shows

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Spragga Benz: Sunsplash & Sting Shows
It is always the dream of every emerging artiste to perform on that big stage. And, it was not different for Spragga Benz.

Promoters in the ’90s were seeking the ‘hottest’ artistes who were digging out the crowd each time the popular sound systems played.

Ronnie Burke, promoter of Sunsplash ’93 wanted Spragga Benz; he had four hot songs on the market. Among these were “Jack It Up,” “Hand Inna Do Air” and “Coulda Deal.”

That night, the entire Red Square music lovers tried to be at Sunsplash in full numbers. And, Spragga was ready to give his fans an unforgettable performance.

“Is like at that time every man was wearing linen and sequins; I was wearing straight jeans and mesh merina.”

What was playing hard in the streets reflects what the people in the dancehall loved.

“I wasn’t too interested about money then; it was all about pleasing my fans and I did please them that Sunsplash night.”

Spragga Benz
“The response was great in my Red Square community. Everyone was talking about Spragga Benz because they knew the love I had for the community and whatever I achieved would benefit those who needed help.”

The media started to show more of Spragga – not just newspaper but radio and television. And, then the shows started to come.

“I think it was in Canada that I was booked to perform. This was in three states. And, as expected the people were glad to see me.”

Sting was in that same year and Spragga Benz was more than ready to perform.

“I actually changed the duration of my songs as I mainly did the chorus of each of my song at Sunsplash. I performed the entire songs at the Sting show.”

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(Photo contributed by Spragga Benz)


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