Spragga Benz: The Movie Star

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Spragga Benz: The Movie Star

Spragga Benz was not addicted to television like many children. And, there were no particular cartoon characters he could not have missed on television.

“Sidney Potier was my favourite movie star because he was not only black and I could identify with him. My favourite movie being Poitier’s ‘To Sir With Love’ which I watched a few times.”

“I also believe that being in the inner-city had taught me to be brave and to be myself, and I do my best in movies where I am able to display whatever was happening around me.”

“The first experience I had was in the movie called ‘Brooklyn Babylon’. At school, I had done a number of skits like the normal student would have done. And, here was ‘Brooklyn Babylon’ that showed up my acting ability.”

“The movie ‘Shottas’ – one which I co-star with Ky-Mani Marley – was one about gangsterism, including drugs and guns. It reflects what was going on in many communities and so people loved it. My role made me popular in the streets of the USA where the movie was shown several times.”

“A lot of people had seen the movie, but did not connect this to my music. But, when they knew it was the same Spragga, more people would definitely start to listen to my music, so the spin-off meant more shows.”

“My latest movie, ‘Second Chance’, has a message where, if given a second chance people would get the opportunity to positively change their lives. I am happy for this movie and blessed to have so many people out for the premiere.”

For the future, Spragga Benz is hoping to continue making some great songs and to continue helping the youths, even though he is not living in Jamaica.

Spragga’s latest album, ‘The Journey Chosen’, features the likes of Wayne Wonder, Ky-Mani Marley, Kranium, and Jahazeil.

His forthcoming album, ‘Once Upon A Time’, features all veterans including Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, and samples from Delroy Morgan and Ken Boothe.

(Photos contributed by Spragga Benz)

Ky-mani Marley & Spragga Benz

Ky-mani Marley & Spragga Benz


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