A’Legends unveils her book

by Dec 5, 2022News

A'Legends unveils her book

Anyone who believes reading is more than fun should definitely be at The Hidden Treasure show, set for 3000 Knoor Street. Philadelphia, December 9, 2022.

One of the doors to this spectacular event will be the unveiling of the book, “Keira Discovers Her Talent.”

According to Jenelle “A’Legends” Alexia,” the story line is so great.

“Everyone has dreams, including little girls whose dreams are sometimes bigger than themselves. But, we must encourage them to nurture their dreams, like I do when I thought of becoming a fashion designer over 15 years ago.”

“My book mirrors my dreams and aspirations characterized by Keira an eight year-old living her dreams.”

“There will be a moment of suspense when Keira, given name Savvy Bartley, is seated on stage and only reacts when the book is read.”

Jenelle decided to write the book to encourage others to follow their dreams.

“I had always wanted to write a children’s book from a child’s perspective. The book will be relevant to people of all ages, as once there is life there is hope and dreams.”

“One should never give up on their dreams because at any given moment you dreams can come through as long as you believe in it.”

“I started writing the book in August of this year and ended in September, 2022. There were no real challenges, so everything went smoothly.”

The book will be released at the end of December, 2022. Next, A’Legend unveils her brand of clothing.