Freddie McGregor – Behind The Wall

by Dec 15, 2022News

Freddie McGregor - Behind The Wall


To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Freedom Cry Sound presents its first musical production – Freddie McGregor’s Behind The Wall. The legendary artist’s song is produced by Catalan musician and producer Genius T and Freedom Cry. The musicians who have participated are: Zion I Kings’ David ‘Jah D’ Goldfine on bass, Pau Dangla on keyboards, Lamont ‘Monty’ Savoia on guitar, Josep Blanes on trombone, Oriol Escolano on trumpet, Pol Prats on sax, Roberto Sánchez on backing vocals and Genius T on drums. It’s available as exclusive and limited edition 7″ vinyl, published and distributed by Rebelmadiaq Records.

Behind The Wall


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