Jahazeil looks to a bright 2023

by Dec 28, 2022News

Jahazeil series part 4

Final of a four-part series.

Jahazeil Myrie promises to work harder to make his music fully universal for 2023.

“I am getting there, just believe me. The race is not for the swift, but for those who can endure to the end. And, trust me, there have been many tests throughout my journey. But, one has to hold on to your dream and keep moving.”

“I will definitely be doing more singles for 2023, and a few collaborations.”

“I definitely love the song “At My Door” bun Spragga Benz on which I am featured. This appears on his album The “Journey Chosen”. it is that type of song which is not just for one season but relevant for all times. The song is saying so much because one has to be aware of the changing times and keep alert to stay alive.”

“There is also the song, “Hold On,” which is on the same list of getting some extra promotion. I believe in this song because the words are solid, meaning that every human being can relate to the message.”

“I knew it was a great song from the beginning, although it did not get the justice it deserves via radio play. I do hope that radio managers will see it fit to drive more airplay into this product.”

Spragga Benz Live

Radio outside broadcasts are ideal for any artiste who wants on-spot promotion because your fans are getting to see you more often; it’s also an opportunity to relate to your fans through signing autographs, or just distributing my CDs.”

“I will be writing more than I had done in 2022. There are some pressing issues which need to be addressed in society and many of these affect the younger generation.”

“I think that the music industry has changed a lot with the structure of the lyrics presented, in terms of the rules of the English language. So, we are moving further away from teaching anyone sentence construction. However, everyone has their way of sending their messages.”

I would love to do some shows abroad; it’s a way of promoting your songs and making some money at the same time. And it could open doors to do a combination with some big stars out there.”

My hope is that our entertainers give thanks for whatever comes through for them in 2022.

(Photos contributed by Jahazeil and Spragga Benz/Red Square Productions)


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