Jahazeil Myrie: An inspiration To Youths

by Dec 22, 2022News

Jahazeil series part 2

Second of a four-part series.

Eight years in music takes a lot of hard work. This is two years short of a decade. It’s like spending more time in your entire high school days unless you are on the brighter side of the academic stream and have to jump classes.

Jahazeil Myrie’s musical years started in 2014 and it has been blossoming for him; he is an inspiration to thousands of youths.

“I am not in for the hype. Don’t try to convince me to sing whatever you want to hear. I am all for positive music which promotes positive attitudes. Don’t expect me to sing that which degrades or disrespects females, for example.”

“I have a mother and mothers are to be respected because they are the ones who, sometimes take on the responsibilities for others in society.”

He believes that his music is helping youths to be thinkers in society.

“We have leaders throughout the world who motivate us to know the difference between right and wrong; to be independent, and to believe in our dreams in life.”

“This is also a technological world where information is at our fingertips. So, we have no excuse to allow others who may lead us in the wrong direction.”

In one of Jahazeil’s songs, “Left To Right,” he looks at the reality of a society that is violent and calls on God for protection and to bring comfort in our midst.

Finally, Jahazeil wants us to not only respect our elders but to care for them in our daily lives, especially those who have had misfortunes.

“If you should meet a blind man who needs to go over the other side of the road, help him across the streets and ensure that he has something to eat. God will bless you, indeed.”

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Part three of a four-part Series.

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