Macka Diamond and Mom celebrate Christmas

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Macka Diamond and mom celebrate Christmas

Yesterday, millions celebrated Christmas around the world. And, apart from church service, unwrapping of gifts, and other traditional customs, there was much to talk about, including past Christmases, or Christmas 2022.

Reggae-Vibes caught up with Macka Diamond and her mom, ‘Mamma Consie’, on Christmas Day 2022.
According to the Diamond mother, “I have always celebrated Christmas in fine style. I would cook the peas overnight while the children (two girls) went off to the grand market.”

Her mom was and is still an experienced cook.

“I baked rum cake, fruit cake, carrot cake, and banana and coconut bread cake for Christmas. The fruits, which include raisins and currants, were crushed and put to soak with wine and rum weeks prior to the baking.”

“After the fruit cakes were baked these were left to cool properly before wine and rum were poured over them. The process would allow it to be moist and mellow by Christmas day.”

“Sorrel was the main drink for Christmas. We could buy the picked sorrel which we got at a supermarket. Two pounds could make about three quarts of sorrel drink. The sorrel was washed properly and placed into a pot of boiling water with ginger overnight. Sugar was added for taste, wine and just a few corks of rum for preservation.”

Some home-makers would also add pimento seeds for preservation.

“On Christmas morning, breakfast would include ackee and salted fish with roasted breadfruit and fried dumplings. Cooked liver goes well with boiled green bananas.”

“Dinner was served around 3:00 p.m. Dinner had rice and peas, pot-roasted steak, baked chicken, and potato salad. For salad, about two pounds of peeled Irish potato was boiled and diced (cut in small portions). Added to this were escallion and grated onions with mayonnaise.”

“The vegetable dish would include lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, and cabbage.”
Relatives – not many – would sometimes drop in for Christmas.

“Christmas presents for my two girls would not be toys but pretty dresses and shoes. We also listened to our favourite Christmas carols.”

Yesterday, being Christmas Day, Macka Diamond and Mamma Consie were quite busy preparing Christmas dinner. They had prepared the usual fruit cake, carrot cake, rice and peas. Also, baked ham, and pot-roasted steak. Appetizers such as fish tea and sorrel drink were prepared. Earlier, they ate ackee and salted fish and roasted breadfruit for breakfast.

According to the MackaDiamond, she had never gone all out for Christmas.

“Christmas is so close to my birthday (January) that I find that my birthday fever could be spoilt if I put all into Christmas, so I do just do whatever has to be done.”

“As far back as I can recall, Mom never gave us much freedom when we were young to go out and party as some teenagers do. We, being grown were sheltered. So, whenever the opportunity came we used the time to have great fun.”

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(Photos contributed by Macka Diamond)

Macka Diamond's mother preparing a tasty meal
Macka Diamond (right) and mom preparing Christmas dinner yesterday
Macka Diamond sends Merry Christmas to her fans

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