Macka Diamond blazes Amazura Night Club

by Dec 8, 2022News

Macka Diamond blazes Amazura Night Club
Dancehall diva Macka Diamond continues her marathon of sterling performances at DJ Dub Master birthday bash held at Amazura Night club, New York, last Saturday night.

Dub Master, a popular DJ on IRIE Jam radio, is well-known for promoting several dancehall artistes.

According to Macka Diamond, “I was called to be part of the performance line-up which includes Jada Kingdom, Baby Cham, and Yaksta. And, since the Alkaline show people came out to see Macka at her best.”

Dressed in a purple body suit which opened at the front, and a pair of stylish booty, the deejay opened her set with “Done Already” the song which turned the place up-side down at Alkaline New Rules Festival last July.

As customary, the audience knew the lines well which includes ,”steam fish inna yu back.”

She changed gear rendering “Hula Hoop,” a dancing song which meshed well with the audience.

“Bun Him” was such a great choice as this has become an anthem in the dancehall.

Macka Diamond and Jada Kingdom

(Photo: Macka Diamond and Jada Kingdom)

Saving the best for last, the deejay turn up the heat to scorching level with a counteraction to Valiant “Dunce Cheque” drawing the following lines:

Rich money man mi love
And dem wi get nuff sex.
Bruk pocket bwoy
Meck mi get upset
Wen dem waan sex
Without the budget
Inna mi socket
dem waan fi plug it
But, a money a di subject
Dem better ave di sex budget…

Macka Diamond next show, Blue Print, will be held in Portland, Jamaica on December 30th. The lineup will include Sizzla and Silk Boss

(Photos contributed by Macka Diamond)


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