Macka Diamond: In South Africa & Shelling CVM TV Interview

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Macka Diamond - In South Africa & Shelling CVM TV Interview

Mention the word Africa and dancehall deejay Macka Diamond’s ears start to jump. And, I am not talking about the type of jump she mentioned on the Alkaline New Rules Festival show, last July.

“I have always been interested in Africa because this is part of my history and that of my foreparents”.

One cannot forget the dreaded Middle Passage with so many slaves and little space to hold them. This led to many taking their own lives by drowning themselves.

But, there are some good stories coming out of Africa, one being the determination of Nelson Mandela to end white supremacy.

“I have been to Africa about three times. The second was in 2019 before the deadly COVID-19 experience. I had then promised my fans I would be coming back, and so I did with appearances at Randburg( March 26). Botswana (April 2), and Pretoria (April 9) in 2022.”

“My first appearance (in 2022) was a party setting with old and new fans They loved Mackadocious, especially performing songs like “Dye Dye”. However, the best show was the last show in which there was a packed venue. The excitement was fever high as I went for some of my old-time favourites like “Bun Him”.”

Macka Diamond

Before those shows, CVM TV in Jamaica did a zoom interview with Macka Diamond. And, what a shelling that morning from Morant Bay to Negril point.

She could do no wrong with her acting ability on early morning television. She stood at the wickets and hammered every question for six, showing how to bat with style. And, she also used the occasion to promote her song, “Big Woman versus Yung Gyal”, which she did acapella on set.

Macka Diamond was tactical prior to the interview. Her props were done some four hours before, wardrobe was addressed, her hair was there and done, and make-up added just minutes before the cameras began to roll.

Everyone knows Macka Diamond is ‘Fully Bright’ so her shelling was just bombastic.

Coming next on the Reggae-Vibes site: Macka Diamond in Costa Rica.

(Photos contributed by Macka Diamond)


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