Outlaw MBM promotes “Maadmove”

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Outlaw MBM promotes Maadmove

There are not many dance halls in Jamaica and the United Kingdom that Outlaw MBM has not prowled. And although he has been in the game for over 30 years, the veteran deejay is still learning tricks of the trade.

The London-born and based artiste was in Jamaica recently promoting “Maadmove”, one of his latest songs, produced by Kimani Richards. While doing the media and sound system rounds, he got some solid advice.

“On my last visit to Jamaica, I was advised to hit the audience within the first two-five seconds to keep them interested, as people have a short timespan nowadays,” he said.

Outlaw MBM lives in Hackney, a district in East London that has had a strong West Indian flavour since the 1960s. “Maadmove” is his latest project with a Jamaican producer as he tries to break into the competitive dancehall scene.

Over the years, he has worked with several ‘yaad’ producers including Noel Parks (son of bass player Lloyd Parks), who produced many of his songs. He credits multiple visits to Jamaica for putting the edge on his sound.

“DJing at all the venues in Mountain View, Duhaney Park,Portmore and Chisholm Ave and battling with other artistes just to prove I have what it takes. Everyone loved my voice and lyrical content and this encouraged me to keep going,” said Outlaw MBM.

Outlaw MBM - Maadmove

The most satisfying of those exchanges took place in 2011 at a dance in Olympic Gardens, a rough, working-class community in Kingston that has produced acts like Early B, Josey Wales, and Admiral Bailey.

There to promote his song, “Shorty Dis Me,” Outlaw MBM remembers waiting until early morning before the selector finally played the track. What followed surprised and elated him.

“Di whole place jus’ went crazy, I never experienced nothing like that in my life. I would like to get that feeling again,” he said in a mix of London twang and Jamaican patois.

Outlaw MBM was born in the UK to Jamaican parents. Like many Britons with similar backgrounds, he developed a love for their island culture, especially dancehall/reggae.

Initially, he worked with one of the UK’s best known sound systems.

“Sounds like Saxon sound system, (artistes like) Tippa Irie and Papa Levi were so lyrical. Then I heard Papa San and Lieutenant Stitchie. Oh my Lord! The lyrics from these artistes goes unmatched to this day,” he said.

The head of Must Bust Music, Outlaw MBM has high hopes for “Maadmove” which he describes as “an energy song”. It has a theme consistent with most of his recordings.

“I love making people laugh in my lyrics. Most of my friends and family know me as the joker, the life and soul of the party when I’m ready.”

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