Spragga Benz meets Prime Minister Mia Mottley

by Dec 16, 2022News

Spragga Benz meets Prime Minister Mia Mottley

Four in a six part series.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley and international dancehall deejay/actor Spragga Benz sharing the same lens!

That picture-perfect shot was like off the bat through the covers for a four. And, it just could not have passed my human lens even if I were three score and ten.

But, how could someone like Spragga, unknown for seeking hype, get into such a combo frame?

Well, let me explain. As CEO of Red Square Production, he had gone to a conference dubbed (don’t know why I keep using this musical word) Fintech Islands Seminar. This was held at the Hilton Ballroom in St. Michael’s, Barbados, October 5-7, 2022.

One has to be Fully Bright to manage such heavy stuff presented – digital monetisation, blockchains, crypto-currencies, and other technological emergencies.

Jamaica, which was among 300 representatives from all over the world, got the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and was among the top competitors. Cheers, please!

Spragga Benz & PM Mia Mottley

But, that was not only Spragga’s agenda for visiting Barbados. He has been going there as an entertainer to perform and to do all sorts of promotions for his music.

So, the likelihood of meeting the PM was like Argentina’s prospect of winning the FIFA World Cup.

PM Mottley, a lover of reggae music, is impressed with the music of Spragga Benz. So mi get it, so mi sell it, and I don’t make no profit unlike the Christmas higglers around town.

Spragga definitely wants to fully open the door for reggae music in Barbados. He has, on his table, artistes like Amlak RedSquare, and Jahazeil, who is the son of Buju Banton son), and others under his wings.

There is a lot of food to eat from reggae music and the fans in Barbados are rearing to go for Jamaican artistes.

Three cheers for Spragga!

Next: Spragga Benz turns up at Hennessy Artistry in Barbados. Only on Reggae-Vibes site.

(Photos contributed by Spragga Benz/Red Square Production)


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