Wayne Lyrics: 100 Per Cent Positive Lyrics

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Wayne Lyrics: 100 Per Cent Positive Lyrics

It was not strange for artistes without any released songs to have big followings in Jamaica during the 1980s. Acts like Puddy Roots, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, and Brigadier Jerry were established long before they found a radio audience.

Wayne Lyrics is another graduate of that school. He made his name on sound systems in his native St. Mary parish and Spanish Town before recording his first song in 1989. 0n September 30, the London-based singer released “I Conquered”, his sixth album.

It features collaborations with two of his contemporaries, Michael Buckley (on “Hold On”) and Anthony Johnson (on “Everyday Is A Gunshot”). He flies solo for the remainder of the album, including the title track, “Rasta Love Song” and “Crying For The Poor”.

On “I Conquered”, Lyrics honours the lessons he learnt on the sound system circuit.

“My idea for this project is to do this album with 100 per cent of positive lyrics to teach truths and rights throughout the world, so that people can listen to it and motivate themselves. What I tried different with this album is get 90 per cent of the tracks harmonised to give it a sweeter sound so that everyone can gravitate to it much quicker,” Lyrics explained.

Harmony is what took place with Buckley and Johnson, underground acts who have cult followings in the United Kingdom and Europe. The husky-voiced Buckley has influenced artistes such as Bushman while Johnson is best known for the 1982 hit song, “Gunman”, which he covers with Wayne Lyrics on “I Conquered”.

By the time his first song (“Don’t Dis The Programme”) hit the market 33 years ago, Wayne Lyrics was already a veteran. He earned his stripes on regional ‘sounds’ like Magnum and King Sana before moving on to Jack Ruby Hi Fi, owned by producer Lawrence “Jack Ruby” Lindo.

Many of his recordings in the 1990s, including “What A Thing” and “Pray To God” (with Parson Man) were produced by Barry O’Hare. Lyrics also recorded for Reggae Master, a company, which like O’Hare, was based in Ocho Rios.

His first album, “Poor People A Bawl”, was released in the UK in 1999, shortly after he settled permanently in that country. Subsequent albums have helped Wayne Lyrics build a following in that country.

Promoting reggae there has changed considerably since he migrated.

“I moved here in the ‘90s where I was listening to the reggae and dancehall music of that era. In those days, reggae music took a little longer to reach England but nowadays it’s more instant and more available due to the evolution of the internet,” said Wayne Lyrics.

(Photo taken from the “I Conquered” album, courtesy of Reggae Wave Records)

I Conquered

They Don’t Remember

No Injustice


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