Deejay Trueace hails Marcus Garvey

by Jan 31, 2023News

Deejay Trueace hails Marcus Garvey

February is celebrated as Black History month and Canada-based singjay/producer Trueace is batting for more support to ignite the principles and programmes in which National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey began to unite and improve the well-being of blacks across the globe.

This, he believes, should include entertainers who have the right platform to make a difference in society.

“People continue to see Marcus Garvey, perhaps, as one of the most influential leaders in the twentieth century.

“So, in addition to literature which includes pamphlets, let us use the music to continue his Movement.”

“Encourage our deejays and singers to write songs about African unity, self-reliance, and that black people should be self-governed.’

To begin the process, Garvey formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)in 1914; published The Watchman – a paper to educate blacks; launched the People’s Political Party (PPP) in 1927.

He also owned the Black Star Liner – a ship to carry patrons back and forth to Africa, and opened businesses as an example of what blacks could achieve as economic independence.

His Movement was beginning to take on a global scope when he was seen as a threat to American officials. He was imprisoned and deported back to Jamaica. He migrated to the UK where he died on June 10, 1940.

Garvey was conferred with the title National Hero of Jamaica in 1969. According to Trueace, “we do not have to change the riddims, to spread the message of Garveyism, as this can fit into any genre of music.”

Trueace. born Alec Smith. first grew up in Rollington Town, Kingston 2. His mother – a teacher by profession and his aunt influenced him to get a good education. He migrated to Canada in 2001. This, after showing his athletic prowess in winning several medals.

However, his meeting with Brandon, Marcus, and the Chosen 1 Sound, changed his love from an athlete to an entertainer.

“As a group, we had produced numerous songs as a hobby hence they were not released. But, I now see the importance and have five releases under my belt. These include “My Mama” on the Ovation Lab label; “Nine X,” “Life Style,” and “Winnings” on the Ching’s Records label, while “Wutless Man” is produced by DJ Lethal Vybz

Trueace, alongside Lando and the Chosen 1 Sound, is credited for successfully hosting Fire Flames in Toronto, Canada, on January 13, 2023. Trueace latest performance is at Levels a show held at Singh, Quarry, Clarendon, on January 19, 2023.

(Photo courtesy of Alec “Trueace” Smith)