Dubcup Ft. Matic Horns -Trombone From The Roots

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Dubcup Ft. Matic Horns -Trombone From The Roots


Two instrumental albums produced by Gussie P in 2020. Henry Tenyue aka Matic Horns meets Gussie P. Out on vinyl (2LP) + DR.


Theme From The Dungion

Side 1:

1. Theme From The Dungion
2. Dungion Of Dub
3. Thme From NYC
4. Dub From NYC

Side 2:

1. Baldhead Downfall
2. Baldhead Dubbe
3. Da Ganja Taste Good
4. Da Dub Feels Good

Addis Ababa Rock

Side 3:

1. Addis Ababa Rock
2. Addis Ababa Dubwise
3. Prophecy Time
4. Prophecy Dub

Side 4:

1. Rally Cry
2. Rally Cry Dubwise
3. Anointed Horns
4. Anointed Dub

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