Fire Flames set to Blaze Toronto, this Friday 13th

by Jan 12, 2023News

Fire Flames

Canada-based show promoter, artiste, producer Trueace, Lando,  and the rest of the Chosen 1 Sound family will make Friday 13th a night to remember.

“Put aside all fears and let us celebrate this Friday 13th, like no other Friday. The place to be is 227 Bowes Road, Toronto at the Banquet Hall; a place renowned for its ambiance, fun-filled entertainment, appetizing foods, and irresistible company.”

“This will be the first event of Fire Flames Red and Black Edition: Capricorn Affair, to coincide with my Birthday which is this Saturday, but the celebrations will start the day before which is on Friday.”

The brand Fire Flames, which started with Fire Flames Edition 1, was on April 1st, 2022. This is not only to bring first-class entertainment to Toronto but to harness and expose the best of young talents not only in the province but elsewhere.”

Trueace further explains that his team will go all out to offer what he describes as “an unforgettable affair”.

“This is a venue which allows one to be creative in terms of having your own scenery to suit your occasion, so I will, for example, be having my own stage and of course music and decor.”

“Six DJs covering as many genres of music will start the ball rolling at 10:00 pm. They will be presenting a mix of the ’90s and beyond music in terms of reggae, but also expect more than a taste of afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B, and calypso for those who want to remind us of the dollar wine.”

The live performance, beginning around midnight, has local acts Jstvrr and Shandiva.

“Jstvrr, a singjay living in Toronto, is well known for bringing his special type of vibes. Both of us, including Shandiva, have shared the same stage on numerous occasions.”

“Among some of the times when the three of us performed is at a previous Fire Flames show at North York.”

Trueace – the man of the moment – is expected to bring the show to a climax, unleashing both released and unreleased songs. Among the released are “Nine X” and “Doe Dweet”; the unreleased is “Grandeza”.

One of several special guests is Jamaican-born Jermaine Squad, who is a very well-known dancer, 9x Nation, and Swagg Boss.

Friday’s show will have hosts, the incomparable Marsha Pretty Doll and Pretty Girl Shan, while Flames Coverage will be Bling Kadillac and Dress Code.

Trueace will be in Jamaica to perform at Levels, to be held at Singh Quarry, May Pen, Clarendon, on January 20, 2023.

(Photos contributed by Alec “Trueace” Smith)

(from left) Jstvrr, Lando, Trueace
(from left) Jstvrr, Shandiva, Trueace and Lando