Profit Revelation: Seeking Souls for Christ in 2023

by Jan 8, 2023News

Profit Revelation seeking souls for Christ in 2023

After two decades of batting for serious conscious lyrics, Profit Revelation has turned his attention closer to God with the release of “Give Thanks To The King”, a gospel song that he hopes will bring sinners to God.

“The world needs God, more than ever before because He is a solid rock to hold onto when times are bad. These are perilous times when mankind has no love towards humanity. Just listen to the news and the number of senseless killings could make you shiver, to say the least.”

Worldwide, just over 415,000 people died from homicide in 2019, around three times the number killed in armed conflict and terrorism combined.

Homicides rates across some countries in Latin America are particularly high. In 2017, homicide was the third largest cause of death in Venezuela, fourth in Honduras, and fifth in Guatemala.

Closer home in Jamaica statistics from the police have shown that in 2022 the number of homicides was 1,498 an increase of 24 over last year (2021).

Profit Revelation adds that “as entertainers, we have to help in finding solutions to bring unity. So, I have decided to release a song of praise which will remind the world that there is a supreme being who cares and that He is our saviour.”

The song which is on Profit Revelation owned Trying Youth Production label will be released on January 9, 2023. The video is for a later date.

A few lines of the song are:
“Early ina di morning yu must praise Him
Inna di afternoon Yu must praise Him
Inna di evening wi affi praise Him
Wen di going rough we got to praise Him..”

“This (the song) is my New Year’s gift, not only to Spanísh Town but to Jamaica and the world. And, it would be good if the song becomes an anthem around the world, to influence, especially non-Christians, to join the platform for Christ.”

Several churches in Spanish Town have been spearheading a movement to remove the stain of violence from this Old Capital.

Bishop Dr. Rowan Edwards, Pastór of the Lighthouse Assembly Ministries is the convenor of the 10,000 Men and Families March; the aim of which is to encourage residents to rebuild their communities in partnership with the business community.

Spanish Town has helped to groom the successes of artistes including grammy winning Koffee, Chronixx, Luthan Fyah, Chuck Fenda, and Lt. Stitchie.

Profit Revelation, born Barrington Campbell, has more than 20 songs including “Eat What We Grow” used by The Ministry of Agriculture to promote the importance of Jamaica moving forward as a self-sufficient country. Other songs are “Don’t Stop The Prosperity” which can be viewed on the JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) website.

He has been promoting peace with such songs as “Gun Dawg” and “Madda Ban Yu Belly”.

Among his best performances are the Denbigh Agricultural show, Portmore, RumFest, and Bob Marley Annual Reggae Festival.

(Photos contributed by Profit Revelation)

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