The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 2

by Jan 27, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 2

Andrew Kiffin, widely known as The Informative History Man, believes that Usain Bolt should be given National Hero status.

“Bolt is the greatest athlete of all times. He, more than any other athlete, has brought so much fame and attention to this little country. I can hardly think of any other Jamaican in my generation who has inspired so many people and displayed so much humility at the same time. And, 100 years from now, his name will be called among presidents, kings and queens around the world.”

History Man recalls hearing the name Bolt being called during sports news, both on radio and television, back in the 2000s.

“Bolt was then in his early teens. I was inspired knowing that this little country boy was beating so many others, much older than he was, in the same 100 meters event.”

“What actually grabbed my attention more is, I think, was when he went running overseas and ran off the track laughing because he did not finish the race and came last.”

“But that mishap perhaps has helped him to be more mature and he went from failure to becoming an international star.”

History Man added that “Bolt is such a good ambassador for Jamaica. Never ever displayed a proud nature, always joking with his fans and showing his signature poise, leaning backward, his right hand outstretched, pointing to the sky. He (Bolt) has a complete package which includes discipline and perseverance, unity and great sportsmanship.”

“In his final race before retirement, Bolt accepted defeat with grace, losing out to the American Justin Gatlin; a race which I think he could have won. But he knew how much his competitor wanted the spotlight. And Bolt embraced and congratulated him and kept smiling; a moment I will never forget.”

“Bolt could have been long forgotten in Jamaica but he invested his earnings; opened a recording studio with his recording label and we can expect no less of him than helping a lot of talented youths.”

“We now need to protect Bolt and allow him to grow, especially being a family man. Let us embrace Bolt, not only for his successes but for having paved the way for the nation to be successful.”

History Man was born in Kingston, 23 Westminister Road. His father is a Clarendonian, while his mother is from St. James. He attended several schools, including Bomperall All-Age (St. Andrew) and Wilmot Academy (Kingston).

His first recording was a song titled “I Cry” on the Youthman Promotion imprint. He has recorded some 65 singles and 3 albums – “Chronology Vol. 1,” “Vol. 2” (to be released), and “Time With Patience” released in 2022.

(Photo & videos courtesy of Kings and Queens Production)