The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 3

by Jan 28, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 3

Jamaican-born Alec Smith, now living in Toronto, Canada, had dreams of representing Jamaica at the Olympics. This was after he began to win several medals, in short distant races, while living in Jamaica.

Although that dream never materialized, he still believes Usain Bolt continues to influence him in his goal to be the best entertainer and show promoter.

Bolt became the first athlete to win gold medals in both the 100 and 200 meter races in consecutive Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympics, Bolt became the first athlete to set three world records in a single Olympics.

According to Alec, “Bolt has so much quality that it would be hard to mention every single one in just an interview. He is simply a positive role model to not only youths but adults who need the drive to make them successful in life.”

“I heard about Bolt when I was about 15 years old. I was living in Toronto, Canada, and attending Sir Wilfred Laurier Institute. This was a time when Bolt was setting records.”

“My mom Susan was a netball coach at Hydel High School in St. Catherine. She would have gone to the National Stadium and see Bolt in training.”

“I began to show signs of becoming an athlete as early as attending Josephine Glasspole Basic school in Rollington Town, Kingston. Of course, I could never finish a race in those record times as Bolt. And I often sit and wonder what was the magic in Bolt.”

“My mom usually reminded me that the Smiths have the rights to excel in sports as there is a list of family members who have done well in sports.”

“She (mom) reminded me that one such relative named Tamika was tipped to be the next Merlene Ottey of Jamaica.”

“The very first time I saw Bolt was his outstanding performance on the tracks. Since then I would always ensure not to miss a single race in which he was competing.”

“Bolt has shown us that people from humble beginnings can achieve greatness; that no matter the race, or colour, we must never underestimate ourselves. And that, like Marcus Garvey, we should be proud of our black race.”

“As Jamaicans, we need to give Usain Bolt the respect which he deserves, and this includes protecting his legacy.”

Alec, also known as Trueace, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and migrated to Toronto, Canada in 2001. He has recorded numerous songs, including his first release “Mama.” Other songs are “Winning,” “Nine X,” and “Wutless Man” feat. Shandiva.

Trueace has been making a name as a key member of the Chosen 1 Sound. Only two weeks ago they produced an A-class show which proved their creativity and versatility.

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(Photo courtesy of Alec “Trueace” Smith)