The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 5

by Jan 30, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 5

Entertainer Profit Revelation believes that Bolt’s rustic rural upbringing may have contributed to his achievements in track and field.

Bolt is the first athlete to win gold medals in both the 100 and 200 meter races in consecutive Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympics, Bolt became the first athlete to set three world records in a single Olympics.

“One cannot dispute that Bolt has a God-given talent to run but one has to give credit to the, sometimes, harsh rural life which drives out the best in us.”

“As a child, life was far from pretty in my district, a place called Golden Grove where I lived. This, a farming community, meant a lot of walking, getting up early to do my daily chores and walking long distances to school.”

“All this allowed me to – from an early age – think of life as a race I must win to keep alive. So, when one looks back at Bolt’s persistence, I can only say that thank God for his community which may have helped to shape his future.”

Profit Revelation adds that “when we talk about magic, it is going beyond one’s expectation, and so that magic of Bolt is the discipline which he has in whatever he pursues in life. It is also that perseverance which most people do not have or that Christian upbringing which so many of us lack in our lives.”

“I didn’t just get up and instantly start seeing Bolt as special. This comes overtime. And, what I noticed is his persistence. Here was a man who was hungry for success, so hungry that he was disciplined enough to turn up for his training; to take advice from his coach and to use these to shape his future.”

“Bolt represents Jamaica well, each time he turns up to run a big race. He is naturally relaxed, even when he knows the field is a competitive one and everyone wants to win. He is certainly not only in all this for the money, or the recognition, but for the love of the sport and his people.”

“At the end of a race, Bolt is willing to embrace his fellow Jamaicans and fans across the globe.”

Profit Revelation, born Barrington Campbell, hails from Spanish Town, the former capital of Jamaica. He has been involved in music for over 15 years. His released songs include “Eat What We Grow, Grow What We Eat,” “Mosquito Dance,” “Prosperity,” “Woman Ban’ Yu Belly,” “World Peace,’ and “Give Thanks To The King.”

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(Photo courtesy of Profit Revelation)