The Magic Of Usain Bolt

by Jan 26, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt

Rastafarian conscious singjay Omar “Jah Thunder” Bolt is celebrating the magic of world renowned retired sprinter Usain Bolt, some ten years after meeting him at a function honouring the success of Jamaica’s female Olympians, including retired track and field sprinter Aleen Bailey.

Bolt became the first athlete to win gold medals in both the 100 meter and 200 meter races in consecutive Olympics. At the 2012 London Olympics, Bolt became the first athlete to set 3 world records in a single Olympic.

Bailey has won several medals on the international circuit, starting at the 1995 Carifta games and later the Beijing games, where the Jamaican female quartet took the gold medal in the 4×100 meters sprint.

“I think most Jamaicans might not have known that I am related to the Fire Man Capleton. Yes, we are cousins and Aleen Bailey is Capleton’s sister, so it’s really one family.”

According to Jah Thunder: “That function, at the Eden Garden Restaurant in Kingston was honouring the female 4×100 sprint team which took gold at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.”

“Aleen, who was in the mix, was always telling Usain that she has some cousins named Bolt, and I was looking out for him. So, as soon as I saw him, that was the time I stepped forward and greeted him. Bolt pleasantly expressed the same compliment.”

“We hailed each other and when he touched me I could feel the magic. There was a feeling, too hard to explain, but easy to appreciate.”

“I remember telling him not to allow anyone to ‘bolt pass him’ as Bolt was his name.”

“Bolt has an energy which suddenly transmits a feeling of success; that one can accomplish the impossible. Here was a man who could inspire and make this world a better place to live.”

“Usain Bolt has inspired thousands throughout the world, from the poor bare-footed boy with one meal a day to the millionaire who will pay the highest price to watch him in action.”

That night Jah Thunder thought of how he could use Bolt as an inspiration to move ahead in his music career.

“I began to write more and more inspiring songs. And that came with more confidence than I never had before. I even felt that both of us would one day do a combination in music.”

But, that magic in Bolt transmitted just about everywhere Jah Thunder made his presence.

“I was passing through customs at the airport and one could see the stares and hear the whispers when my name Bolt was mentioned.”

“I even met Justin Gatlin, one of Bolt’s rivals in the London 2012 Olympics. We met in New York and he too was surprised to know Bolt was my surname.”

“I have been pampered by the staff at certain places, such as local hotels whenever they hear the name Bolt.”

Some two weeks ago, Jah Thunder caught up with Usain Bolt in his Trelawny hometown.

“This occasion is one which I will never ever forget and all the other memories which show the magic which one man has been transmitting throughout the world,”

Jah Thunder, born in Cassia Park, Kingston, was raised between that community and Papine. He is influenced by several foundation artistes, including Capleton, Brigadier Jerry, and Muma Nancy.

“Capleton music is high energy and current, exploring those issues which matter most to people. I even became a member of his David House family.”

Jah Thunder has recorded some 50 songs. His first song “Bada Bada” came on the African Star label in 1997. Others songs include “Martial Arts” feat. Capleton and Ikaya (2002); “Name” on the Troyton Music label (2004); “Trouble,” Mixing Finger label (2008); Others being “Tek What Us Not Yours” feat. Capleton and “Football”, a tribute to the Reggae Girls Football team.

Coming soon. Part Two with the Informative History Man and The Magic Of Usain Bolt, only on the Reggae-Vibes site.

(Photo contributed by Jah Thunder)