A’Legends real deal

by Feb 8, 2023News

New Jersey welcomes A'Legends brand

If only a single solitary smile was worth a million then the amount of smiles A’Legends is getting these few days would have already made her into a billionaire.

The Philadelphia-based fashionista, actress, and writer has moved into her cosy sheltered A’Legends home at Culture Rocks, 100 Premium Outlet Drive, New Jersey.

And what an excitement it was!

“It’s like moving into your own home. The satisfaction, the anxiety, the new faces, and a new chapter in my life. This was last Friday, February 3, with a temperature at 37 degrees.

“It was a very significant day in my life, which is my dad’s birthday, and I know how he would feel if he was alive. Dad would have pampered me so much that I would have to let go.”

“I know how much he thinks of me and how he would have reacted, a bungle of hugs to keep me smiling through the rest of the year.”

Jenelle’s transition from her apartment to New Jersey was not an arduous task.

“I knew exactly the items to bring and how to showcase them. These include unisex sweatsuits, T-shirts, socks, and body suits.

“It was so smooth as I did not have to really add or subtract what I got to work with in terms of space. And, then I had a layout in my mind and implemented that with ease.”

Prior to the opening of her store, Jenelle revealed that she will be designing a number of T-shirts to depict Black History month. These will be sold at reasonable prices.

She will be hosting, what she describes as a Sip, Paint, and Poetry evening on February 19, 2023. This will accommodate those who want something extra special with an aura of grace and sophistication.​

(Photos courtesy of Jenelle Alexia/A’Legends)