Children’s Book gets good reviews

by Feb 15, 2023News

Children's Book Gets Good Reviews

A’Legends children’s book, ‘Keira Discovers Her Talent’, is getting the reviews she deserves.

The book, released at the beginning of the new year (2023), got off to a good start with parents buying dozens of copies during the first week of sales.

The 28-page book is being sold for $9.99 digital with paperback costing $19.99.

According to Philadelphia US-based Jenelle Alexia, her given name, “the book is making its rounds and people are talking about it. It’s a book that many parents would like their children to read.”

‘Keira Discovers Her Talent’ tells the story of a little girl’s ambition to become a fashion designer and realises this at the end of the book.

A’Legends explains that the book mirrors her own life. “As a girl in my preteen, my dream was to be a fashionista, and I never let go of this dream.”

“We must also look at this book in a much broader sense. And whatever our goals, we should work hard and consistent to make these a reality.”

Jenelle born in US, is of Jamaican parentage. She has a degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. In addition, she is an upcoming actress with a role in Summer Angel’s 3:11 movie.