Fully Bright initiative creating waves

by Feb 22, 2023News

Fully Bright initiative creating waves

Reggae Dancehall/Afrobeat artiste Shaka Pow’s Fully Bright initiative in schools is creating waves and is likely to give the Fully Bright deejay a landslide win for the first time in music.

Words of encouragement and congratulations are pouring in from across Jamaica and overseas since the song and video hit social media a few weeks ago.

This is the first time the deejay is getting close to 100,000 views for any song. This is partly because of the success of his Fully Bright initiative in schools.

A counteraction to the Fully Dunce slang done by two school boys from St. John’s Primary, Spanish Town, has gone viral and is becoming “a must-see” on social media. Others schools visited are St. Andrew Primary, Spanish Town Primary, and Holy Rosary Primary.

The deejay believes the work has just started, with some 30 schools on the waiting list to visit.

“We have a far way to go in terms of getting our message across, so this is not the time to get complacent. We have got to remain focused and strike the right note. But, it is encouraging that the feedback is promising,” Shaka Pow adds.

The Fully Bright initiative, which is part of the school’s devotional exercise, begins with the deejay performing his song along with his Fully Bright dancers, Wassdem and Anna-K, introducing the dance and teaching students the dance moves.

The deejay delivers his motivational talk with students presenting items surrounding the Fully Bright theme.

Several certificates are presented to students including participants in the Fully Bright talent contest.