Highlights of T Flex’s Karaoke and Talent Contest part 2

by Feb 19, 2023News

Highlights T Flex's Karaoke and Talent Contest Part 2
An extremely comical MJ with a performance that had the judges in stitches, won the hearts of fans who came to T Flex’s first audition at Symphony Complex in Spanish Town, last Saturday night.

A slim MJ, who claims he is Jamaica’s Michael Jackson, shows confidence and sounds out a warning that he could reach the finals of the competition. This is after four rounds of eliminations in this year’s Karaoke and Talent Contest.

Others who were selected include dancer Cheepers and Singer Daniel.

Promoter Wayne “T Flex” Douglas, known as the guru for Karaoke in the old capital, got thumbs up for his decor which included a good lighting, acoustic, and a perfect setting for the judges.

The competitors were given a warm-up session before facing the two judges who did not spare anyone, including singers who had wrong song choices and did not communicate with the audience.

Freshest, as host, was at his usual best, while Sasha of Berry Berry Fashion and Accessories had a whale of a time enjoying herself.

Tonight is the second of the last audition and is expected to field another crop of talented artistes.

Videoclip by Teacher.