History Man lauds Peter Tosh Day

by Feb 26, 2023News

History Man lauds Peter Tosh Day

Last Thursday, Jamaicans from all walks of life turned up at The House of Dread, 3 Deanery Road, Kingston, Jamaica. This was to celebrate reggae icon Peter Tosh, who has made a significant contribution to reggae music.

Tosh, a core member of the Wailers, is credited for several hits including, “Legalize It.” He was born October 19, 1944, and died September 11, 1987.

Tosh received the Order of Merit (O.M.) from the government of Jamaica.

The Informative History Man, known as an “edutainer”, was at his best rendering Peter Tosh Tribute – a duplicate of his riveting Bob Marley Story.

History Man commanded especially the attention of foreigners with his slow-paced lessons of some of Tosh’s greatest moments and left feeling pleased.

“I couldn’t have missed such an important event as Peter Tosh Day. It is good to read about him, but to add entertainment makes a lot different because you can feel the riddim of the music and the power of the message.”

“I keep saying that much more should be done to celebrate our reggae heroes apart from statues and murals. Their stories should not only be documented but taught to our future generations”.

Poster Peter Tosh Day

The Rastafarian History Man also introduced his latest song “Bolt Money Gone”, a saga which has not by-passed the world’s attention. In addition to “Can’t Tek It No More” about the trials of COVID-19 and its lockdown, and “Lowe Mi Meck Mi Gwaan”, a cut from his album “Time With Patience”.

Andrew Tosh, son of Peter Tosh, was very commanding and impressive unleashing some of his father’s greatest hits including “Glass House” and “Legalize It”.

Other performances came from Micah Shemaiah and Isha Bell.

Tosh’s daughter Niambe, who did an introduction of her father’s musical journey, revealed that the family will be opening a museum to restore Tosh’s legacy in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, where he was born.

The event was organised by Dr. Michael Barnett, Professor/Lecturer at UWI, Mona Campus.

(Photo courtesy of Kings and Queens Production)