History Man releases “Bolt Money”

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History Man releases "Bolt Money"

The Informative History Man, a veteran in the music industry and one who is known for his historical sentiments, has turned his attention to the Bolt Missing Millions Saga which involves a whopping US$12.7 million missing from his bank account. The money was part of his retirement investment at SSL( Stocks and Securities Limited).

History Man, who claims to be an edutainer, has recorded and released a song titled “Bolt Money.” This is on the Number 9 label and is distributed by Kings and Queens Production.

“This song goes out to those persons who have placed this country on the radar for something which is so negative.”

“It is a message to show my total disappointment with the Jamaican people who have placed all of us in the same barrel of dishonesty.”

“It is also appalling to know that this incident takes place on the eve of Black History Month celebration, one in which we acknowledge and highlight the contributions and development of blacks throughout the world.”

“I truly believe that the incident, involving the missing millions merits a national protest to bring home the point that we have to stamp out dishonesty in society”

As to the birth of the song, the Rastafarian History Man says, “just about a week ago, a friend of mine suggested I do a song about Bolt’s missing funds. By the following day (Thursday) I began juggling some lines which I sent to my engineer Jumble George.”

“By Saturday, I was at Jungle Lava studio, Kingston, and the song was complete in less than four hours, and then released on Monday, January 30th, 2023.

History Man describes tbe riddim as, “a mix of 1980s and present day beats with the prominent sound being the keyboard.”

Four lines of the song are:
“Most Jamaicans woulda gi yu nine days
But Bolt tell dem say
Him a gi dem ten days
Remember Bolt come from Trelawny
And that is next door to St. Anns and St. Mary.”

History Man (born Andrew Kiffin) hopes the song will change how we treat others. And that the Bolt’s affair will not be repeated.

Kiffin, born at 23 Westminister Road, Kingston 10, grew up between Clarendon – his father’s homeland – and St. James with his mother.

He attended several schools including Bomperall Primary (St. Andrew) and Wilmot Academy in Kingston.

His first recording, “I Cry,” was done on the Youthman Promotion label.

He has performed extensively in schools, educating students with songs about our history, geography, and current events. These schools include Chatsworth All-Age and Maldon Comprehensive (St.James). His other credits include the release of three albums: “Chronology (Vol.1),” “Chronology (Vol.2)” to be released, and “Time With Patience” released in 2022.

(Photo courtesy of Kings and Queens Production)


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