Meet Fully Bright Dancer, Wassdemm

by Feb 28, 2023News

Meet Fully Bright Dancer, Wassdemm

He is inviting, cheerful, warm, and definitely talented. This is part of the reason why scores of children refused to leave him until he signs his autograph on their foreheads, even the very pair of shoes on their feet.

They came with crayons, pens, pencils, and markers, begging even the Wass from Wassdemm to scribble in their hands middle. Then, they would run off like this was their best Christmas present to show their friends.

And even when he was leaving, they virtually pulled him out of the car to show them his latest Fully Bright dance moves which he, along with Anna, has been doing to set the entire school in motion.

This was the fourth leg of “Unconditional Love” deejay Shaka Pow’s Fully Bright school tour which is now becoming a big talk in Jamaican schools.

“I know kids love me, but I didn’t know they love me that much,” beamed a slender Wassdemm.

“My hands are very very tired, but I don’t want to leave them disappointed. I want to see kids happy as this is one of my passions. I was once a child too”, he added.

“I have to thank deejay Shaka Pow for giving me such an opportunity to expose my dancing talent to these children.”

“Well, I have gone to St. John’s Primary and Spanish Town Primary, both in Spanish Town and the responses were simply good. But, this Holy Rosary Primary school in Kingston is just amazing with a capital A.”

If one should ask Wassdemm, how he became involved in dancing, you are likely to hear: “Well, I am a footballer for a very long time, having played for both August Town and Elletson Flat football clubs.”

“I love watching World Cup football and what amazed me is this Ghanaian team. They would dance up a storm whenever they placed a ball in the net and scored. I thought to myself, this is real entertainment on the field, and so the Wassdemm team started to create some moves related to the football. These include Dribble the Ball, Score the Goal, and Pass the Ball.”

Now that the Fully Bright song is creating waves in schools, Wassdemm is using different moves to help in promoting the Fully Bright Initiative in schools.

“These moves include writing, reading, and success.”

He is also a reggae dancehall deejay with some three releases, namely “Ball Game” (Team Croc’s label), Watch Di Flow (Corey Banging Records label), and “Keep Up” which is yet to be released.

Wassdemm, born Jerome Dwyer, lives in Hope Flats, Papine, St. Andrew. He attended Mavis Bank High school and his ambition is to become a Fully Bright international dancer/deejay.

(Photo courtesy of Wassdemm)