Profit Revelation wins Big Tune Competition

by Feb 5, 2023News

Profit Revelation wins Big Tune Competition

Deejay Profit Revelation opens the new year with a well-deserved win after his latest song, “Give Praises To The King,” won Roots 96.1 FM ‘What’s The Verdict Big Tune Competition’, on January 28, 2023.

The win did not surprise the Spanish Town deejay.

The competition ‘What’s The Verdict” with host Dudley Thompson gives artistes a platform to highlight their songs with a voting system used to declare the winner each Saturday night.

Three songs face the verdict each week.

“When a gospel song is good, there is nothing one can do to stop it. This is a song that is so lively that one cannot sit and just listen. You have to get up and dance, dance, dance.”

The deejay adds that IRIE FM disc jockey Gary G was among the first to express a bright future for the song.

“A lot of people have been listening to the song and the feedback is great. The video is coming shortly.”

Profit Revelation hopes that the video will be out by the end of February 2023.

The song, which is on Profit Revelation’s owned Trying Youth Production, was released a month ago and is featured on social media platforms, including Apple.

Profit Revelation performed the song at the launch of the Karaoke Talent Search competition last Saturday night.

(Photos contributed by Barrington Campbell)

Profit Revelation and Roots FM disjockey Dudley Thompson

Profit Revelation (at right) and Roots FM disjockey Dudley Thompson

What's The Verdict Award

What’s The Verdict Award