Shaka Pow’s “Unconditional Love” for Valentine’s Day

by Feb 14, 2023News

Shaka Pow's "Unconditional Love" for Valentine's Day

Today marks another Valentine’s Day with lovers showering their special ones with bounteous gift baskets, luncheons, all-inclusive five-star hotel nights, and in-house massages.

For reggae/afrobeat artiste Shaka Pow, one of his specials is his close-to-hit song “Unconditional Love.”

After being featured on the very reputable Richie Burgess top 25 charts – hosted on the Reggae-Vibes site – the multi-talented artiste bagged Artiste of the Week on Stampede’s Street Chart last week.

The hit was no surprise to the deejay who spoke about the strength of “Unconditional Love.”

“I actually tell myself that 2023 will have to be a big year for Shaka Pow and his music. It is simple, go hard or go home. And, I am definitely not going home anytime soon.”

The song spells well, not only for Valentine but for all seasons.

“We need “Unconditional Love” every second, every day and all year-round in our lives. So, the message is great and universal because people from all over the world can identify with the theme.”

The storyline comes from an American song, ‘when a man loves a woman; and whenever this happens he suddenly forgets about everything else and loves that woman unconditionally.’

He has recorded on beats out of Africa before and from other parts of the world. So, having received the Afrobeat track from a colleague – Chris Thomas, the CEO – he began humming, ‘if I love you one more time’ even before he had the chorus.

In addition, the riddim which came directly from the Motherland created by Goodboy Elliot has elements of reggae, afrobeat, and strong dancehall flavour that teases the ears and play on our emotion.

The song, produced by Chris Thomas The C.E.O. and Junior Burton out of New York City, continues to ride the Blacker Top 20 charts. Shaka Pow and his team have vowed to continue promoting this single until it hits the world acclaim that it deserves.


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