The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 6

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The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 5

In 2008, two emerging artistes from Spanish Town recorded a tribute to Usain Bolt. This caught the eyes of CVM producers who featured them on their early morning show, CVM at Sunrise.

K.Sling, a past student at Jonathan Grant High school in Spanish Town was the mastermind of the project. The other being Orien Gilzene aka Chrystian (now Xoolu).

“I was then barely leaving out of my teenage years when Bolt caught my attention with his brilliant run at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.”

“I was already singing about Bolt before he went to the 2008 Olympics and CVM had given us an interview during an outside broadcast in De la Vega City, Spanish Town.”

“We were the first one to do such a tribute, so when Bolt won the 100 and 200 meters in Beijing, CVM then call us for a second interview inside the studio.”

Four lines of the song are:

“Him a strike like lightning
That everybody frighten
Fastest man Inna di world
A so dem highlight him…”

“His winning brought dutch-pot covers together. This was a special kind of noise which ordinary Jamaicans certainly appreciate because it reminded us that Usain Bolt was the world’s best sprinter.”

“What was even more amazing was that Bolt made it double by winning the 100 and 200 meters finals.”

According to K.Sling, “I knew the song was a good effort, no matter what people thought. The riddim was catchy and the message was positive. It speaks volumes in terms of congratulating Bolt and those who have been working hard like Usain Bolt.”

“I submitted the song to Digicel’s marketing team and received a welcoming response. They (Digicel) thought the song had potential, but they needed a professionally done copy.”

K.Sling had a big problem. His pockets were empty, so he had to source funding, or try to get producers to sponsor his raw project before re-submitting the song to Digicel’s offices. Weeks passed without much luck.

“I recalled knocking on the doors of at least four record producers, hoping even one would be a sponsor but none came to our rescue.”

Nevertheless, K.Sling feels that Bolt has made him a more mature, determined person.

“He (Bolt) has given me – more than anyone else – the opportunity to achieve my goals in life, because he is such an inspiration.”

“I have seen where my musical journey is on the right track because I believe in many of Bolt’s principles. One being, never ever believe in failures.”

K.Sling, given name Keron Rowe, was born in Manchester and later migrated to Spanish Town. He became serious in music as a teenager attending Jonathan high school in the same community.

He has recorded some 15 songs. These include “Quick Cash,” “Money Dream,” “Take Me Home,” “Affi Come Back,” “Expensive Whine,” and “Turn Me On.”

He has helped to coordinate several Just for Peace school tours islandwide and is now looking forward to an overseas tour to promote his songs.​

(Photo courtesy of F1F Entertainment Photos)

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