The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 7

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The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 7

Some twelve years ago, in 2010, Romario Ricardo Gayle, a shy unassuming student attending Spanish Town Primary was quite popular on the tracks. His lanky legs gave him an advantage over most of his competitors in the short-distance races.

There, about the same time, was Usain Bolt – some twelve years his senior – burning the tracks in Beijing, China.

The Bolt fever in Jamaica was pitch high. Just about every youth on the corner wanted to be like Bolt, for more reasons than one.

Ricardo aka Lahjihkal certainly was one such person and his coach, who had steered him in winning several medals, was determined that one day he would join the elite class of mentors, including Glen Mills.

But, needless to say, this was not to be the case. Romario switched lanes like a car approaching a slippery corner.

“At that time I just felt that I needed to go to a studio. So, I moved on and this had nothing to do with the coach. I just wanted to do something more engaging, something that I loved more than athletics and that was music.”

Spanish Town is one of those communities that breed music. It’s the community of Grammy winner Koffee, Chronix, Papa San, and Lt. Stitchie.

“I wanted to express myself and I was serious about getting my music out there. Usain Bolt has inspired me to write more and better lyrics and I found myself writing one of my biggest songs, “To The Team”.”

“That song was sent to IRIE FM as a single. I recall Keshema Francis saying it was a good song prior to a Buzz interview.”

This was the platform I needed to launch out into the world.”

It happened that US-based producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins heard the song and included it on his 19-track “Miungu Ya Muziki” album.

The album’s scores are promising, having featured on several charts, including US sales-driven iTunes, where it peaked at number two, while Bob Marley’s “Legend” stood at number one.

Lahjihkal heartbeat song, “Need My Love,” also hit the US iTunes charts at number six.

“I think Usain Bolt’s achievements have contributed to much magic in the rest of us who aspire to be as great as he is in life”.

(Photo courtesy of Lahjihkal)


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