The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 8

by Feb 10, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 8

“Bolt is Phenomenal!” That’s the word from singjay Vonglobe who has done several rounds in music and has come out being undefeated. One such job is being the co-ordinator of peace concerts across Jamaica.

He lists at least five great qualities Usain Bolt will leave with youths around the world.

“Usain Bolt is humble, respectful, determined, disciplined, and loyal.”

“He is already a superstar but remains humble and this is demonstrated during his interviews. Just watch his mannerism, selecting the right words which will not allow anyone to see him as ill-mannered. He is also calm, even when he is bombarded with personal questions.”

“His discipline came across very strong during his training. Although quite talented, he nevertheless listened to his coach; turned up for training, and ensured he sticked to his diet. I wish some of our reggae boyz could do likewise.”

“Then we have to respect Bolt for his determination. His view is that only the best is good enough. He will not settle for less. And, so one should not be surprised about his overall performance. In Bolt’s dictionary, there is no such word as CAN’T. And, this is one reason for his persistence. He believes that if he can lower the record for the 200 meters, there is the possibility that he can take off a few more seconds whenever he makes his next round.”

“Speak about loyalty and Bolt scores very high. He will not give away his country for another. Jamaica is certainly a dot on the world map. Bolt wants to make it bigger throughout the world. So, despite challenges. he will not easily forsake his people, but hopes they will change for the better.”

Vanglobe recalls hearing about Bolt when he (Bolt) was some fifteen years old.

“Bolt was an example of great promise because he was running at a speed which was amazing; setting and breaking records which his competitors, much older than he was, could not do.”

“He is my role model and I thought, how could I use his examples to improve my writing skills, my performance, and become a more meaningful person in my community.”

“I got into programmes that could pull out my positive attributes. And, this comes with joining a peace organization where I was able to travel to other communities such as Granville and Flankers in St.James.”

I found myself coaching young artistes to write and perform positive songs. In addition, to coaching them for television and radio interviews.”

“I became so confident in every aspect of my life. And, as I have said, it has a lot to do with Usain Bolt.”

Vonglobe, born Devon Williams, feels that Jamaicans should treasure Usain Bolt like a priceless pearl which never ceases to shine.

Vonglone, who hails from Spanish Town, has released at least four singles. These include “Love Is The Aim,” “Religious Warfare,” “Mama How You Dweet,” and the latest being “Give It Your All.”

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(Photo courtesy of Vonglobe)