The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 9

by Feb 25, 2023News

The Magic Of Usain Bolt Part 9

London-based reggae dancehall artiste Yeshie Renee is a great fan of the legendary Usain Bolt. And she is proud of being one.

Yeshie Renee, who is enjoying every moment of her music career says, “with all Bolt has accomplished, one could easily say there is some magic in him.”

“Well, to go back in time, those moments when Bolt breaks three world record at one game is sometimes unbelievable. And yet, he remains so humble.”

“He is like a magician who nobody really takes seriously. And then he pulls from his empty magic box some 12 hens and immediately two dozen freshly laid eggs.”

“Usain Bolt is one of the greatest talent out of Jamaica and he has inspired so many other athletes who believe, if Bolt can do it so can I.”

“I cannot remember the exact age I heard about Bolt but what I know for sure is that I was a teenager attending school in London.”

“I was with my mom and sisters when Bolt won the 100 meters. We all gathered in the front room. I felt that I too was in that race, so you can imagine the tension and excitement.”

When he was approaching the finishing line, we were all standing. That was such a great moment, and ever since I felt the urge to achieve great things in my music career.”

Years later, Yeshie Renee came to Jamaica and got the surprise of her life.

“I was at Big Yard studio and guess who came in? Usain Bolt in living colours. He greeted me and I felt a different energy. I was speechless and began to tell everyone that I had met Bolt.”

Yeshie Renee, born Rennae Wright. feels Jamaica should show love to Usain Bolt. “Protect his legacy so that he will feel safe to live here forever.”

As a recording artiste, Yeshie Renee has five songs. These include “Boom.” ” Commotion,” and “Bring Back The Love,” feat. Majah Bless.

(Photo courtesy of Yeshie Renee)