Yeshie Renee scores big in music

by Feb 24, 2023News

Yeshie Renee scores big in music

Anyone who has a moniker such as Yeshie Renee is more than inviting a Yes! Not only in her backyard, but just about anywhere she goes. This is because she is doing everything right.

Born Rennae Wright, this is not a co-incident. This sexy, talented songstress keeps commanding a yes stare as she walks along her musical journey.

Yeshie keeps saying, “I am always giving my fans the wow moments of their lives and I love this feeling.”

Her current single titled “Boom”, released in January 2O23 on the Big Zeeko imprint, is ready to explode while others, including “Commotion” and “Bring Back The Love” are bubbling like a volcano.

She has the perfect figure aged five when she started in music. “I began to enter talent contests and along with my brother Majah Bless, a reggae recording artiste, I won a number of awards.”

It was much more than just winning as former Prime Minister of Jamaica Edward Seaga (now deceased) would take her with him to perform at many functions throughout Jamaica. That gave her more than a mouthful of confidence and exposure to win the world.

“These were some glorious moments as even adults were amazed by my grace and talent”, she added.

Yeshie’s upbringing in Denham Town, an inner-city community, helped to mould her dreams of becoming a star and when she migrated to London, England in 2001, she came with a wealth of experience having several years performing with the Tivoli Gardens Cultural Group, the island’s premier trophy lifter in festivals.

Her talent went far and wide having appeared in London’s Hackney Gazette Newspaper. This was after some amazing performances at the Hackney Empire Theatre.

She did take a break but this was to change a few spark plugs and when she returned the lights were glowing brighter.

“I am now working on some projects with Flo1 based in Toronto, Canada.

She recorded her first single ” Bring back The Love” along with a video that was to unite people, a movement that Marcus Garvey would have loved to see among blacks worldwide.

(Photo courtesy of Yeshie Renee)