A bungle of surprises at Park Hall Primary

by Mar 18, 2023News

A bungle of surprises at Park Hall Primary and Infant

Travelling from Kingston to Park Hall Primary in Clarendon is no mean task, but trust me, being there was so fabulous that you would certainly regret not being there.

Park Hall is a rural school where the possibility exists that one can hear a pin drop, except for a few screeching sounds of vehicles along the winding roads.

One thing for sure is that you cannot easily pass the school, not only because of the signs but the parking area inside which is exceptionally clean.

The teachers on board all catering for students were already positioned to meet The Fully Bright team.

We were met with “Good morning” pleasantries from teachers and students and within minutes the action began.

Dr. Garth McDonald took the reigns addressing and motivating students to be fully bright in school. His usual quiz centers around the meaning of Fully Bright which was answered in choruses.

Yes, students came up with answers including, “smart”, “courteous”, “generous” and “kind.”
Well done, Park Hall Primary school. The teachers have been putting in a lot of work.

Then came the Fully Bright song which was well received. So too were dancers Wassdemm and Anna.
The two have been scoring nineties throughout the tour. Wassdemm wasted no time teaching students the educational moves which include “book and pencil”, “school walk” and “school talk”.

The best of the event came when students took on the challenge of the Fully Bright dancing competition. This had teachers and students cheering their favourites.

One would have thought it was a scene at Caymanas Park but the competition was great for everyone.

Some ten students received Fully Bright certificates. These were presented by dancers Anna and Wassdemm.

And as we were prepared to leave, we were directed to a nearby room. Wow! wow ! wow! What a surprise. There was a well-spread table with what could have been enough food to feed almost a dozen disciples.

There were well-defined assorted teas, fresh fruits, and vegetables, chicken, mackerel and green bananas. Boiled and fried dumplings and sorrel for those who did not have enough last Christmas.

I could not forget the names of those persons who went all out to make this possible. So as gratitude here is the list:
Principal, Aldith Stewart.
Senior teacher Kemmesha Smith-Ormsby.
Sophia Williams, Programme Coordinator.
Shereen Spencer-Howitt.
Tasha Howe.
Monique Anderson.
Normalee Smith.
Barbara Osbourne-Richards.
Cecile Clarke.
Madison Willis, cook.
Stephanie Willis, assistant cook.
Sherrill Parks, janitor.

Should I now commend Grace Sharpe, the Chairman, and Niesha McLeod for preparing meals. Well done.​

(Photos by Shaka Pow Foundation)

Park Hall Primary and Infant pose with their Fully Bright certificates

Park Hall Primary and Infant pose with their Fully Bright certificates