A’Legends sponsors Talent Contest in Jamaica

by Mar 15, 2023News

A'Legends sponsors Talent Contest in Jamaica
US-based fashionista A’Legends has donated two trophies which will go to winners in this year’s T-Flex Karaoke Talent contest 2023.

The trophies will be presented to the Best Dress Male and Female in the competition

In an interview with Reggae-Vibes, A’Legends – born Jenelle Alexia – explains that the reason for her participation is far more than giving back to society.

“This will not be the first time I am giving back to society. As a fashion designer, I know the importance of looking elegant. And although we might be experiencing hard times, we need to ensure that when we step out we do so in grace and confidence.”

“I may not born in Jamaica, but my parents are citizens and I consider myself a Jamaican.”

“The competition, as I see it, is a great move to harness and promote various forms of talent in and around Spanish Town.”

“I also feel that we should support others who are seeking to unify people. In the end, the result is that this will contribute to this world being a better place to live.”

A’Legends is one of the fastest rising fashion designers in Philadelphia US where she has been living for over five years.

Her dream of being a fashionista started with drawing styles with her pencil and paper. She later studied and acquired a BA. degree in Business.

Jenelle sold her first item – a sweatsuit – to record producer and dancehall artiste Delly Ranx.
Her line of clothing includes unisex T-shirts, caps, and shorts. In addition to cosmetic items, they have been featured in her pop-up shops in New York and other states and can be found at her new home for A’Legends garments at Culture Rock, Gloucester, New Jersey.

(Photos of trophies by Sasha Berry Berry)

Trophies donated by US fashionista A'Legends