Informative History Man enters JCDC Festival Song Competition

by Mar 10, 2023News

Informative History Man enters JCDC song competition

Having copped the titles of three previous talent contests, The Informative History Man has decided to run for this year’s title in Jamaica’s annual Festival Song Competition. The title of his song is “Proud A Mi History.”

“My main reasons for entering (the competition) include raising the bar of the competition. I have been listening to the quality of some songs and believe we need some more depth to the competition.”

“Being the Informative History Man, I decided to bring to the table a song which will educate not only the nation but others who will be here during the summer.”

“It is sad that so many people do not know the first Prime Minister of Jamaica or our nation’s heroes who have made sterling contributions to nation-building.”

“The riddim, made by Unique Vision Band, is well-rooted in ska and mento which are components of the reggae beat. This is a riddim which will energise people to get up and dance.”

History Man first won the Popcorn Talent Search with a song titled “History Of Jamaica” in 1997. A year later, in 1998, he copped the Portmore Talent Search with the same song. Then in 2000 sweeping the prestigious Tastee Talent contest with the song “Tastee History”.

Born Andrew Kiffin, he has recorded over 100 songs and released two albums – “Chronology Volume I” and “Time with Patience”. The third, “Chronology Volume 11” is to be released.

He has also toured some 16 countries including the US, England, Canada, and France, and is a strong exponent of Black History.​(Photo courtesy of Kings and Queens Production)