Informative History Man sponsors Talent Trophy

by Mar 19, 2023News

Informative History Man sponsors Talent Trophy

The Informative History Man, known for his wealth of knowledge on Black History and a three-time winner of talent contests, will donate the second-place trophy at the finals of the T-Flex Karaoke and Talent Contest 2023. This is to be held on Saturday, April 1, at 1C March Pen Road in Spanish Town.

The Rastafarian singjay, born Andrew Kiffin, says, “I was interested in exposing my talent in a similar way that we are now having several competitors vying for trophies and cash in the T-Flex Karaoke Talent contest.”

“It is such a great feeling when one can enter and leave a contest with a prestigious prize. This trophy can last a lifetime.”

“In addition, competitions give individuals the chance to interact, share ideas, and we can even learn from others by identifying with their problems which we may be able to solve.”

“I have seen where competitions have helped in building my character and to make me the person I am today.”

“This trophy should be cherished for a lifetime. So, I wish that the best person wins and that he or she will inspire others to be positive role models in society.”

The Informative History Man has recorded over 100 songs. In addition, to performing in over 15 countries. He has released two albums “Chronology Volume I,” and “Time With Patience.” The third called “Chronology Volume II,” will be released soon.

​​(Photos courtesy of Sasha from Berry Berry Fashion and Accessories & Kings and Queens Production)