Inswood High gets Fully Bright on Jamaica Day

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Inswood High Gets Fully Bright on Jamaica Day

Inswood High school Principal, Mr. Collington Powell, is no ordinary principal; he is adaptable to change, relatable and fun-loving.

Last Friday, being Jamaica Day, was a good example. Powell, dressed in his black pants, gold-coloured shirt, and green tie was immaculate in every sense of the word. He was just about everywhere on the school’s compound having welcomed the Fully Bright team to his institution.

And, we had no problem interfacing with students. With over an hour to spare before showtime, early students got the opportunity to meet the Fully Bright Team and learn some of the dance moves.

Wassdemm, the energiser, was first to pull out his book and pencil moves, which Anna, his co-star, extended.

Their yellow Fully Bright T-shirts competed with the early morning sun peeping over the heads of nearby houses was a blessing.

A Fully Bright “good morning” came from one of the smallest child in the school. This did not escape the Fully Bright Doctor, deejay Shaka Pow, who later presented him with a Fully Bright certificate.

Just on the heels of the performances, the Fully Bright team was led to the conference room to cool out and get a refresher before the action began just a few steps from where the stage was set for the national anthem.

The deejay’s motivational speech encouraged students to make education a priority as this is the key to a bright future. His “Fully Bright” song brought in the Fully Bright Dancers. And, with Anna on the field, Principal Powell, took a dance lesson right there in front of scores of students who cheered him during his performance.

You would have been surprised by the supportive students who did justice to a Fully Bright talent contest with honours going to the singer Shamir Gordon, who rendered “Greatest Love of All,” a song known worldwide.

Avaught Takahashi and Tyrese Ferguson teamed up with a power-pack Fully Bright poem. And to put the icing on the cake, entertainer Mr. G did some of his popular songs. “Swaggerific,” “Beat Dem Bad,” and “Old Crook” are sprinkled by some rich advice including the reality of life which comes with problems.

Before departure, the Fully Bright team was treated to a sumptuous meal including Jamaica’s ackee and salted fish, the national dish.

Thanks to powerhouse principal Powell, vice-principal Mrs. Cecelia Rowe, Ms. Opal Leachman, and Mrs. Alafia Noel.

(Photo courtesy of Garth McDonald aka Shaka Pow)

Getting certificate
Getting certificate