Meet record producer, DJ RumBlood Part 1

by Mar 31, 2023News

DJ RumBlood Part 1

There are many people who aspire to greatness which only few will ever attain. Some believe in destiny, so if they failed to reach the star, it was never meant for them.

DJ RumBlood’s musical journey started with owning a laptop. To be a record producer for internationally acclaimed artiste Vershon is no easy task.

DJ RumBlood, the owner of DJRumBlood Recordz, is now in the eyes of the world. So, whatever makes him noticeable must be exposed.

This three-part series about DJ RumBlood is a must-read!

Anyone who has ears for good music and a history of Seaview Gardens, Kingston, should know some of the greats who have been nourished by this community.

Dancehall artiste Shabba Ranks was the first Jamaican deejay to have copped two Grammy Reggae awards. Also included is Bounty Killer – one of the three B’s which ruled dancehall since the early ’90s, while there are also the likes of the Scare Dem Crew, Dexta Daps, and Angel Doolas.

DJ RumBlood recalls that as a child one of his sweetest moments was his father’s gift to him which was a laptop. He was fifteen years old.

“Dad, named Philbert, was living abroad in Birmingham, England. He is certainly not the type of dad to talk off his head with promises which he could not fulfill. And as far as I can recall, he did not promise me a laptop.”

“I knew he was always sending stuff, but I wasn’t thinking of a laptop.”

“On hearing the news, I was a bit overjoyed. It was like a new-born star after a period of dark clouds, and I was smiling as the screen opened into a new world of adventure.”

“As a student of Seaview Gardens primary, I knew how to play drums. I was also a part of the school’s Drama Club and often thought of the idea that very soon I would be on the international stage.”

DJ RumBlood’s favourite teacher was Miss McClocklin because he saw her as a motivator.

“She was my Maths teacher and although I was not the best in the subject, I ensured that I got a pass mark in exams.”

“I was about seventeen years old, playing at parties, in and out of this Seaview Gardens community. Some of the sound systems included Teacher Movements based in Seaview Gardens and Father Wicky from Uptown Mondays.”

DJ RumBlood, born Romario Lawson, had become the new kid on the block. This gave him a feeling of satisfaction as more and more people were aware of his skills in bringing good music.

Next. DJ RumBlood meets Vershon. Second of a three-part series.

(Photos courtesy of A’Legends)