Profit Revelation scores at Dancehall Thursday

by Mar 14, 2023News

Profit Revelation scores at Dancehall Thursday

Reggae artiste, Profit Revelation, is busily promoting his latest song “Give Thanks To The King”. So, when he got an opportunity to do so at Dancehall Thursday, he came out with a commendable score.

Profit Revelation was up against the likes of recording artistes Christopher Martin, a past Digicel rising star winner, Bling Dawg, and Anthony Cruz. And though it was not a competition, the Spanish Town deejay mastered his craft.

“Well. As everyone is aware, when you are an underdog you got to settle for less or step up to the plate. And I decided I wasn’t going home like a puppy.”

The deejay first dished out “Dumplin’ and Chicken Back”, one of his seasoned songs which resonate well with the audience.

Chicken back, referred to as a poor people steak, has been raised in even Budget Debates to highlight the rising costs of living.

Four lines of the song state:
“Mi luv mi dumplin’ and chicken back
No matta weh nuh body waah chat
A dat mek di girl dem fat.
Sunday mi cook curry chicken back
Monday brown stew chicken back
Tuesday, French fried chicken back
Wednesday pot roast chicken back…”

He then took from his lyrical pot a darling song titled “Pretty Little Island”.

“The song is glorifying Jamaica my island which has brought millions of people to our shores because of its beauty,” he explains.

Starting with the intro, “This is the land of my birth”, Profit Revelation removed any doubts with the lines:
“Mi proud a mi pretty little island
Mi little, little pretty island
Sweet, sweet Jamaica is a paradise land
We ‘ave di best tourist destination…”

He then completed his mission with a religious menu, “Give Thanks To The King”.

Profit Revelation reveals that he heard about the show through social media and that he would like to big up Oneil Famous the show’s promoter.

The show, streamed live to several countries, has been accommodating several sounds including Rebel T. It was held at Rebel T HQ, Dunbarton Avenue, Kingston.​