Yeshie Renee: A star on the horizon

by Mar 1, 2023News

Yeshie Renee series 1

Denham Town is synonymous with Tivoli Gardens, a community that former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Eddie Seaga created.

Then came Rennae Wright, also known as Yeshie Renee, who at age five became one of the most talented in Denham Town and caught the eyes of Seaga.

From gold medals and trophies, both in Jamaica and London, England, she is the one to watch this year as music critics claim she is the next big star in entertainment.

Do follow us through her journey, which started in Denham Town.

This is Yeshie: Her life In Denham Town.

First of a Seven Part Series. Only on the Reggae-Vibes site.

“Before migrating to London, England, at age 11, Yeshie lived along Albert Street on which the Denham Town police station comfortably sits in full view of Tivoli Gardens.

“I was there, along with my parents, two brothers, and three sisters. That makes eight of us in the family. I am fourth in line so I have three older siblings.”

“There was, at the back of our house, a sprawling guinep tree. Whenever it was guinep time one could pick up scores on the ground.

(from left) Yeshie Renee, along with sister Nkaaze and brother Moses

“I had always wanted to climb the tree like my big brother. But, I was just too small to do so. The trunk of the tree was just too fat and the nearest limb was too far away.”

“We had a chicken coop and mommy was the one who sold the eggs. Dad worked at Seprod where they make soaps but he had a little grocery shop where one could go and get food items before the sun rises.”

“Even though I was young my dad would leave me in charge of the shop, but he did not make it a habit.”

“We ate a lot of eggs – from boiled to fry eggs because these were plentiful. But, my favourite meal was roasted breadfruit and fried salted fish.”

“Even after some years, whenever I go back to Jamaica, I always visited this same shop to buy roasted breadfruit and salted fish.”

Yeshie loved school and teachers loved her immensely because she was very bright and neat in her attire. Her blue skirt, lily-white blouse, and blue tie which passes her waist were always fresh and clean even on the last day of school on Fridays

The only schools she attended in Jamaica were St. Albans Primary school and Calabar All-Age after she went to live in Rae Town with her grandmother.

She had a lot of friends because she always wanted to help them and her teachers had this habit of using her as a positive role model to inspire other students.

“I always came first in class and was quick to answer questions and reason out problems. But, I did not like Mathematics. I found the subject too complicated.”

“My favourite subject was indeed English and my favourite teacher was Ms. Whyte. She was my music teacher and one who inspired me toward excellence. She was also one of those teachers who would take me out of the community to perform.”

“I also loved to read, just about any book with poetry, and would go as far as to identify with the characters, especially if they were children.”

Yeshie entered her first talent contest when she was only five years old.

“My older brother was a very talented deejay. And, he would sit me down and teach me all of his lyrics. And, I could virtually go on stage and sing all of his songs.”

“I began to perform with my brother and then went around as a soloist. We would perform just about everywhere, including inside and outside the community. And, we won several trophies and medals”

“I even recall coming in the Star newspaper when my brother and I won a talent contest, and my parents and friends were very proud.”

Yeshie feels she has inherited her talent from both parents.

“Albert aka Ali Negus is my father, a Rastafarian chanter, while my mother Sister Ngozi is a poet.”

Yeshie has performed at several high-profile functions. But, let’s leave this until we explore Yeshie and Edward Seaga in the second of a seven-part series.

(Photos courtesy of Yeshie Renee)